Well, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted anything here. So much for picking up the blogging habit. I’m sitting here next to my Pop talking about blogging. We just spent some time talking about some collaboration he’s been having with his two brothers putting together memories from their past. Now that the brothers are all retired, they are reminiscing, and being the somewhat verbose types of guys that all of us Bristols seem to be, they are generating quite a bit of text. At any rate, Pop and I have  been laying out a scheme for their new space – bristolbrothers.blogger.com.

And then I figured I ought to go ahead and see if I could get back into the habit again myself. It really is amazing just how much of life goes by without any recorded history. As much as I’ve tried from time to time, I really can’t pick up the tweeting habit to record my history in small snatches. I gave up Facebook a while ago, and my LinkedIn activity is abysmal. So, all around, a whole lot of life does just go up in smoke somehow.

Speaking of which, my Pop must be a bit nervous about learning all this new stuff about blogging. He just said he’s going outside to have “half a smoke.” Honestly, that’s the first time he’s ever actually admitted to me that he smokes. It’s always been obvious that he does, but for whatever reason, he seems to always try to be discreet about it. Kat and I used to laugh when we’d get a rain here and the butts from when he stayed with us for a while would come flowing out from the cracks in the rock wall where they were surreptitiously put out of the way.

So, I’ll see if I can come up with the gumption to write something creative again here in this blog over the next number of days. There are lots of interesting things happening; I just need to buckle down and develop the discipline to do some writing other than all the stuff I write for work every day.

Cheers for now.