Written: Wednesday, May 22 @ 20:30

We cruised along today from Poblacion de Campos. We got an early start with a larger than usual portion of cafe con leche and a little toast and jam. We had an absolutely lovely hike this morning, taking an alternate route out of the pueblo through farm fields and then along a river for quite a ways. We had shade, and the birds and frogs kept us company along the way.

We did about 12 km to Carrion de los Condes. We got there before noon, hit a farmacia for some hydrocortisone cream, and debated whether we should go on from there or not. The problem was that the next stage was at least another 12 km along an old Roman road, all heading toward the hottest part of the day. We fiddled around for a while, hitting a mercado for fruit and stuffing ourselves with tortilla (potato and egg made into a baked omelette), and finally opted to catch a bus through the long, dreary part instead. We’d met up with one of our German compatriots on our way through town who was laid up with a bum leg, and we met her back at the Bar Espana – a.k.a. el estacion de autobuses – to await our ride.

That popped us ahead to Terradillos de Templarios where we embarked again for a few more kilometers. Along the way, we stopped into a new hostel, post-dating our guide book, where we met a German woman who established the place. Enjoying a fine German beer, we received advice about the road ahead, including a must-see alternative route and a suggestion to blow on by another fairly industrial section and take a train from Sahagun to Leon. That’s precisely what we plan to do tomorrow morning.

We pushed ourselves along through the heat of the afternoon for something over 13 kilometers out of Terradillos to Sahagun where we checked out an Albergue that fired off all the “stay away!” warning bells but has turned out quite well. For a mere 20 Euros, we have a private room (there are a few of those along with the 70 bunk beds in one big room). The pilgrim’s meal was foul (and I don’t mean, bird), but the snore-free night ahead beckons.

After leaving the respite with the fine German beer, Kat and I amused ourselves with a discussion on deeper matters. I’m not sure how it all started, but I “accused” Kat of being religious – which sparked off a debate on what the hell we each mean by that term. In turn, that sparked off some conversation on what I wrote yesterday about my being pissed off with the church and my eventual conclusions of needing to forgive the church for its ills and move on from that place. We bantered back and forth for a while, eating up the meters, till Kat asked me whether or not I was a Christian. To which, I replied, “I don’t know.” I’ll have to think about that one some more tomorrow as I am really not sure. Am I a follower of Christ or not? Do I believe in Christ as my savior, as the Son of God, incarnated on Earth through the Virgin Mary and crucified for my sins? I don’t know. I haven’t thought seriously about that in a long time, and it’s time I gave it some consideration.My desire is to live authentically as who I am; not pretending to be something that I’m not and honest with myself and others about who I am and what I believe.

We also had some interesting moments along the way today with the arrogance theme. Kat asked me what arrogance has to do with my journey with the church and with tranquilo that I wrote about yesterday. I’m not sure about that either and will have to ponder on that bit some more. We both managed to catch each other in a couple of arrogant moments and joked (or maybe not) about needing to pick up new arrogance rocks every time it comes up to add to our packs. We might be getting a little bit heavier before we get lighter. I hope we don’t end up bringing any rocks home with us.

Well, there are probably a few more interesting things I could write about our Camino today – both introspective and logistical. But I think I will leave off for now and head to bed. It’s still quite light out here, but it is heading toward 22:00, so it is high time I am off.