The last few days, we’ve mostly made a few variations on the same basic theme for our smoothies – kiwis, apples, pears, bananas, oranges, and lots of spinach. This morning, I thought we’d try something a little different. We had some frozen peaches and avocados that need to be eaten. I found a recipe that had peaches, avocado, water and ice, and a little bit of vanilla. I varied that a little with the following:

  • ~2 cups of frozen peaches
  • 1 whole frozen avocado (without the pit, of course)
  • 150g package of peach Greek yogurt
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup water (once I saw how thick this thing was)
  • ~1 tbsp agave nectar (once I tasted it)
It’s definitely an odd concoction. Thick enough that it really needs a straw to drink. The taste is strange but kind of growing on me as I sit here writing and sipping. We have more peaches and avocados in the freezer, so we’ll likely try it again or something like it. I’m not quite sure what else would reasonably go with this one, but it perhaps doesn’t need the yogurt being as creamy as it is already with the avocado.

As for health effects of this one-smoothie-meal-a-day plan, I do seem to be slimming down my belly fat at least a little bit. Yesterday, I put on some ski pants that have always been just a tad tight around the waist, and they seemed to fit at least a little better.
Of course, it didn’t seem to help my skiing right there at first. After starting work early yesterday and having an all-morning meeting on the phone and being extremely jealous of my wife taking off to go skiing, I threw my stuff together and headed up to MJ for the afternoon. In typical fashion, I initially eschewed the whole idea of warming up. Kat took off down a bump run after skiing all morning, and I dove into a tight little line that I thought was calling my name. Alas, I was standing so tall and was so far in the back seat that I sproinked right out of the third trough in. I proceeded thusly for the first couple of runs, giving both me and Kat a great laugh with one particularly spectacular backseat fly out with my tails crossed and my tips forked out in front of me up at about waist level. But once I finally settled down, admitted my out-of-shapeness, and warmed up a bit, I was able to get low and back in the mogul game again. And I did notice that my tight red pants were not quite so tight as they used to be.
So, eating more fruits and vegetables and less bread, chicken, and other stuff seems to be paying off. I do feel healthier overall, avoiding coming all the way down with a cold. The concoctions we’ve been mixing up do seem pretty filling all together. I sucked down a smoothie yesterday afternoon on the way up skiing, and it stuck with me pretty well through the afternoon. But given how out of shape I was after not skiing for over a week and how my back feels this morning, I think I need to finally find the inner motivation to do something similar to the smoothie thing with my exercise. Kat has sent me a couple of things in the past week on the dangers of sitting too much.
I need to find a way to think about daily, relatively serious exercise that I can fit firmly into my psyche and regular habits. It needs to become as much a part of me as getting out of bed in the morning. Though this is only day 15 of the smoothie-a-day habit, I do feel as if it’s settling into comfortable routine that I feel should live beyond the month we committed to. The sheer simplicity of it along with what seem to be healthy effects and a sense of mental wellbeing are attractive focal points.
I am approaching what everyone tells me is a milestone birthday this year – the big 4-0. I guess a lot of people start getting serious about their health about this time. So, I’m going to ponder on that for a bit and see what kinds of things I can start committing to starting in April if not before. I’ve gone through fits and starts in the past, taking my running shoes or whatever off on business trips. But it hasn’t settled into habit, and that’s what I need to figure out.