I had quite a time trying to post this quite some time back, and I’m finally getting around to breaking it up to try and find the problem. This one will be split into several parts.

Written: Saturday, May 26 at 17:30

Part 1

We climbed out of the cities and their outskirts today, despite being sick with a cold that’s settled int our chests and sinuses. Ah well, we do seem to be on the mend. We are now just a couple kilometers from the Cruz de Ferro where I get to get rid of my arrogance rock – one more night to be with my arrogance; I’ll have to make the best of it.

We got out of Astorga last night and made it to the next town, Murias de Rechivaldo, where we leared an important lesson. Always ask what is included in the price of a room and what everything else costs as well. Being sick the way we were yesterday, we really couldn’t see ourselves spending another night in an albergue; either for our sake of that of the other peregrinos. It was another pilgrim sitting next to us one night a few back who mentioned that she had just been laid up sick somewhere for a couple of days (but was now feeling better, of course) that we think was the vector for this bug of ours.

At any rate, we tried for a room at a quaint little casa rural, but it was full. We settled for a rather expensive habitacion con una cama matrimonia in a place right on the main drag. We knew that the pilgrim menu was 10 Euros per person extra, but we did not know that breakfast was going to cost us just as much. We did get an absolutely wonderful night’s sleep and a nice siesta yesterday, but we’ll sure need figure out how much, exactly, a night like that is going to cost us again in future. I had to work really hard at tranquilo for the first few kilometers this morning while I was still fuming over the 20 Euros we’d just paid for Nescafe, half-spoiled milk boiled in the microwave, and three pieces of toast.